Paul Robert’s specializes in transforming ordinary walls and ceilings into stunning visual displays. Choose from among different motifs, including Africana, Tropical, Greek, Italian, Tuscany and many others. The right mural artist will plan the work so that it flows with the decor of your room. Your existing interior design is an important factor and the murals should tie the room together.

Commissions are happily undertaken. If you cannot see a work in the ‘Paintings For Sale‘ section that you would like to purchase, why not consider commissioning a painting direct from the artist?

If you would like to discuss commissioning a painting, please email Paul at and he would be delighted to advise you.

Roberts English Oils reflect a vivid accuracy in mood, tone and color, combining to bring a hauntingly reminiscent realism to his hunting and countryside scenes. The essence of Paul’s appeal in this series is therefore mainly nostalgic. Many of his paintings recall The English Countryside, as it was around the turn of the century and preserves a record of the beauty for generations to come. In recent years, Paul has developed a love for the tropical beauty of Polynesia and the magnificent beauty of wildlife which is reflected in his recent paintings.

A sky mural creates an impressive mural on a ceiling. You can select a mural from my portfolio or you can have a custom design painted for you. With a professional artist to assist you, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. As an artist with a contractor’s license I can also transform the look of your home or business with Italian plaster, marbleizing, realistic stonework, wood beams and faux finishing.